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Who Is SJL Shannon?

We were so excited to work with the SJL Shannon team to create this “Who We Are” video.  From the CEO to key players in the management team, we were able to capture the essence of what makes the whole organization successful: they are passionate about what they do and they care!

Bigelow Tea’s Recipe Video

We know that recipes are hot and so does client Bigelow Tea.  Cindi Bigelow decided to cook up a storm in her kitchen using her Grandmother’s original tea flavor, Constant Comment tea.  Cupcakes anyone?

Bigelow Tea Rap Video

When the innovation team within client Bigelow Tea came up with the idea to do a rap video, we thought it would be fun to listen to.  We had no idea how great it would actually be as a song and then as a video.  Creative Concepts produced the video….we are still singing and [...]

Ecover Offers Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Home

Ecover sponsored an Earth Day event teaching the attendees how to live sustainably in each room in their house. Robin Wilson, host, along with Kipling Wagner, Ecover, walked us through each room and provided some healthy tips that Ecover can now share on all of their sites. The Creative Concepts team not only [...]

Ecover Asks Where Will We Be In 30 Years?

Ecover is a great company and client that produces ecological and highly effective cleaning products.  They are a big brand in Europe but the US needs to learn more about them so we shot this video during the very successful 30 under 30 event that recognized sustainablity innovators under 30 [...]

Bigelow Tea Spends Time With Bruegger’s

Bigelow Tea was honored to have been chosen as the tea of choice for all Bruegger’s Bakeries. Cindi Bigelow, client and President of Bigelow, spent time with Jim Greco, CEO of Bruegger’s, and shared a story or two while making a bagel. This video was a nice way for Cindi and Jim [...]

A Miami Thank You

Miami Stadium now serves Bigelow fresh brewed sweetened and unsweetened tea. Cindi Bigelow says thank you and welcomes all of the fans in the stadium.This quick video ad is shown on the big screen in the stadium as well as the handheld devices in the stands.

What Fuels You?

In this video, Cindi Bigelow, granddaughter of Ruth Campbell Bigelow (and President of Bigelow Tea), celebrates Bigelow’s 65 years in business by visiting Charleston, SC – home of the Bigelow-owned Charleston Tea Plantation. Cindi talks with local business owners to find out what fuels their entrepreneurial spirit. As Ruth herself learned 65 years [...]

Teaser for Joe Torre and Phil Simms with Bigelow Tea

Videos we shoot can be used in a variety of ways and we help our clients make the most of these assets and this teaser was no different.  We created this one from the full length video below.  It was featured on the Yankees website when Joe Tore was still in New York and social networks [...]

Bigelow Tea’s Visit with Jose Feliciano

We had a great time getting to know Jose Feliciano via client Bigelow Tea.  We provided a teaser during the holidays (top video) and then a full length video (bottom video) to show more of who this man really is.

Who is Children’s Aid?

While many have heard of Children’s Aid, quite a few people didn’t understand just how much the organization does for underserved kids in New York City.  From uptown to downtown, our guests left our video knowing more and being grateful for all that this long standing nonprofit does for families and kids of all ages.

Bigelow Tea Social

One of our goals with client Bigelow Tea is to meet the online community offline and face to face.  And we did just that in NYC in January which was National Hot Tea month.  This video shows how much fun we had with the Bigelow Tea community that we met via Twitter, Facebook and the [...]

Greenie Mar-Tea-Ni Time!

This is a great video that we produced for Bigelow Tea that features Cindi Bigelow putting together a delicious cocktail, The Greenie Martini, which uses nothing but Bigelow Green Tea. Check out the mother/daughter competition at the end.  We always  have fun like this with client Bigelow Tea!

Cindi Bigelow Visits Biston College

We had a great time tagging along with Cindi Bigelow who visited her old alma mater, Boston College.  In this video we got a glimpse of how important tea is to the college kids…something they learned from their parents!

Take a Video Tour of Charleston Tea Plantation

Bigelow Tea, owner of the Charleston Tea Plantation, wanted to show the world the beauty of the largest tea garden in the U.S. We did this with Cindi Bigelow as the host and Bill Hall talking us through the tea process.

Pitney Bowes has a Better Mail Moment

Pitney Bowes wanted to provide expert advice on how to use direct mail effectively. Carol Wallace, an inside expert, did just that while she sorted through her own mail which told the tale of effective direct mail marketing and not so effective direct mail pieces.

Hitting the Streets of New York City with Bigelow Tea

Cindi Bigelow, President Bigelow Tea, wanted to get out and talk to people on the streets of New York City. First we asked some local police to be interviewed but they said no. Next we asked some nearby construction workers who said yes to talking to Cindi Bigelow and it was easy going [...]

Pitney Bowes Honors our Vets with “Holiday Cards for Heroes”

Pitney Bowes wanted to reach millions of people and motivate them to write a card to a soldier or their families for the holidays. We created this video so we could explain the project and let people know how much the soldiers meant to all of the volunteers involved and then how much the [...]

How to Write a Love Letter for Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes wanted to reach out to the younger consumer, wanted to have some fun, and let consumers know about one of their products, the personalized stamp.  Angel, who works for Pitney Bowes did a great job telling her story…and it’s true too!

Have a Cup of Bigelow Tea with Wally The Green Monster from the Red Sox

Bigelow Tea had just begun a relationship with the Red Sox and we all thought it would be fun to feature Cindi Bigelow, President Bigelow Tea, and Wally, The Red Sox mascot.  Because of Cindi’s vivacious personality and Wally’s capability to communicate well without talking, the video turned out to be a big hit and [...]